Plans for future, part 1 / X

I’m now quite actively searching for a new contract role from countries like Italy, Portugal, Germany and France ..I prefer Germany cause I’ve been there ( 10years ago ) for 6 months so I know how things work at there 🙂

My plan is to relocate to somewhere Southern-Europe with in next year.

When I got job from somewhere, I’ll do my part to integrate to the given country, by learning the spoken language etc. so that I’m able to speak and understand it before traveling to the given country 🙂

Currently I’m in middle of getting brush up the hardware skills till the end of this year (and they are remote, so that is not keeping me on put)

After the studying, I’ve harnessed hardware creation and simulation knowledge with tools like KiCAD and TinkerCAD.

When I’ve learned them, sky is the limit (for some time, beware Universe..) what I can do.