Curriculum Vitae – English

Little bit information about me

I have developed embedded software over 25 years.

My strong point is that I can put my vision to code quite well.

I would like to work through my own company (Paxsudos IT), but I don’t say NO, if I get hired as salaried person.

What I’ve done recently is services and .. Backend for those I’ve done with ython and frontend with PHP+Javascript. The software’s communicate with one another via biriderctional communication stuff done with ZMQ-communication library.

I would like to work at Southern-Finland, or within Southern-Europe, countries like Italy, Germany or France.

I have experience to work aboard: I’ve worked about 6 months in Germany, and that is the reason I’d like to move again somewhere way Southern.

My situation is such that I’m on disability pension cause I stressed so much. That means: I can work with in some extent. My salary cap is at 2560€ per month.

Work hours: 6h per day and four days a week.

Price: 26.50€ / hour or 2560€ / month.

BUT if you want to hire me as full-time employee, that is OK, then:

Salary request is about 90000€ / year.

That would be 47€ per hour.

I’m willing to relocate, even to out of Finland.


VISA sponsorship needed for jobs outside of EU

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